polki jewellery

About Geet Jewels: Geet Jewels - Exemplary jadau jewelry with a trust in tradition. All designs are inspired by the Mughal Era with a blend...

The new Rajasthan Jewellery Collection by ZOYA- TATA Group Zoya is a chain of luxury diamond jewellery boutiques in India owned by...

Antique Ruby Necklace from Mehta Jewellers

Gemstone Necklace Designs by 54 Copper Square.  

Beautiful Gold and Gemstone Jewellery Collection from Prince Jewellery  

Kundan Jewellery Collection from TBZ

Heavy Diamond Jewellery Collection from TBZ

Heavy Gold Necklace Collection from TBZ  

Ruby and Emerald Gold Earrings from ANS

Beautiful Gold Bangles from ANS