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Ayurveda, the science of life explains in detail about hair, anatomy, physiology, hair fall prevention therapies, white hair or premature grey hair preventing therapies, special therapies and formulations to promote hair growth and rejuvenation etc.According to treating-grey-hair-with-ayurvedaAyurvedic physiology, the digestive essence (Rasa element) is responsible for healthy hair – both the color and texture. Any pathology affecting this leads to white hair. Correction of the causes with Ayurveda therapies and medicines, bring the hair condition back to normalcy. Ayurveda says that graying past middle age is not reversible.

Remedies for preventing Gray Hair:

  •  The most effective and well practiced home remedy is applying coconut oil processed with fresh curry leaves. This should be strictly applied on the scalp and hair for 90 days. A gentle massage with this mixture for 15-20 minutes helps in reducing hair fall, prevents dandruff and improves hair growth, hair thickness and growth of black hair. After application, wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Amla powder is considered and used as one of the best hair rejuvenators across the world. Apply the paste of fresh amla powder mixed with curd and fresh lemon juice as a pack. Leave it on for 45 minutes and wash off with warm water. This process is very effective in reducing hair fall and improving hair growth. This process is repeated every alternate day for 90 days for best results.
  • Amla is soaked in water overnight and the water is used as a hair conditioner. After regular hair wash, just rinse the hair with this water. One of the primary reasons for premature graying is using excessive conditioners and high chemical shampoo. Avoid them to bring back normal hair growth.
  • One of the effective remedies in cold weather is the application of almond oil with amla juice. Warm equal amounts of both and gently massage on scalp for 15 minutes. It is one of the fastest ways to arrest the premature graying and improve hair health.
  • Many villages in Kerala follow a simple hair remedy as a cultural practice. Equal amounts of buttermilk and curry leaf extract are boiled for 5 minutes on a mild flame then applied to the scalp in lukewarm condition followed by a warm water wash after 30 minutes. This is a preventive remedy for gray hair and hair fall.
  • Ayurveda recommends the following combination as the effective remedy for preventing and improving hair growth and reducing dandruff. Equal amounts of amla powder, Thriphala powder, methi powder, karisalai powder, mehanthi powder, japa flower and leaves powder, Indian Asparagus powder mixed with fresh curd and fresh lemon juice are all combined to form a mixture. This is applied as a pack on the scalp followed by a warm water wash.
  • Another simple home remedy to maintain healthy hair is to apply a mixture of equal amounts of fresh amla juice and lemon juice on the scalp and hair followed by a warm water wash after 10 minutes. This should be done every day for healthy hair.
  • Traditional healers in South India recommend the following remedy for premature hair growth. Equal amounts of sesame oil and carrot juice mixed with half the amount of methi seed powder is sun-dried for 21 days. Then this oil is applied on the scalp, face  – if the mustache and beard are graying, and body. Follow this for 90 days for complete color change.
  • Bringaraj is the other important herb used in Ayurveda for prevention and reversal of premature hair graying. Most of the herbal hair oils contain the extract of this herb. Ayurveda recommends the application of  juice or paste of fresh leaves as a thick scalp pack followed by a warm water wash.
  • One fourth part of black pepper is mixed with 1 part of fresh curd and 10 ml of fresh lemon juice as an everyday application on scalp to improve premature hair growth.

Source: Dr K Gowthaman, Medical Director, rVita (rVita Ayurveda Centers) ; health.sify.com


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