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Antique Furniture adds more ethnic look to the modern houses. Now-a-days it is in great demand and highly priced.

The earliest furniture was simple and practical, but as furniture became crafted and decorated it became an early status symbol. Wealthy homeowners demanded that their furnishings reflect their status and lifestyles. You can shop them in vintage or antique stores, antique fairs or antique shops.

About Auraz Designs:

Today I would love to showcase the uniquely crafted antique furniture from Auraz Designs. Bangalore based online store Auraz is destination for homeowners and interior professionals to purchase expertly curated looks which blend genuine, hand-picked antiques with modern sensibilities. Auraz is more than an e-commerce website. They design cohesive, kitsch and modern looks, with a touch of the past.

Why are they unique?

At Auraz they are reshaping consumer ideas about the design of modern spaces and are passionate about experimental home decor by pairing antiques with modern accessories  – helping us blend history and modernity and selling antiques.

Contact Auraz: 

For Remodelling enquiries please call us at 09972730531
Email  at [email protected]

Website: www.aurazdesign.com

If you want to purchase them please visit their website for price details.

teakwood antique dressing table

A family heirloom from the 1940’s, this piece has been passed down from aunt to niece. Handcrafted from teak wood, this beautiful piece has turned legs with two drawers in the main unit as well as two smaller drawers on either side of the mirror.

antique teak cupboard auraz designs

From 1930’s, Polished in two different tones, this versatile bookshelf/cupboard/display unit is made from Rose & Teak wood. In addition to four adjustable shelves, this unit has glass doors with white and blue enamel knobs, as well as a bottom drawer for storage.

antique rosewood parsi bed

Made from Teak Wood this Parsi bed has unique lattice woodwork panels as well as exquisite wood inlay panels. The bed comprises of a center column, which supports the framework atop used for placing a mesh to keep out pesky mosquitoes in yesteryears.

antique dark rosewood chair with phulkari cushion

Dark Rosewood chair from the 1940’s with a carved center and an addition of a traditional Phulkari cushion. Accompanied by a hand carved Burmese teak dowry chest from the early 19th century with hidden chambers and a rich history.

antique kerala day bed

Built out of Rosewood, this Kerala day bed belongs to the mid 19th century. With exquisite hand crafted spindles and relief carved center back panel the diwan had been upholstered in an Ikat fabric tying in the different cultures of India.  Paired with a metal table in brass from Egypt, this look is truly international in its composition.

dark rosewood antique double seat sofa

This dark Rosewood low double seat is painted a deco black with gold peacocks and a lattice carved back. The seat has a carved panel and straight lined hand rests. Paired with an Egyptian plate with a temple pillar capital from the 1940’s to the 1960’s.

teakwood antique study table

Built in the 1970’s during the art deco period, this teak wood study table has clean lines characteristic of the period.  With two built in drawers, this table has been paired with a Burmese teak wood chair with traditional phulkari upholstery to bring out both the carving as well as the colour of the wood itself.

antique center table

This table is constructed from salvaged panels of a Chettinad temple. The centre panel of this centre table is preserved as is with the original vegetable dyes in red and green. The legs are made of mahogany carved in relief and polished to bring out the rich wood colour.

rosewood antique goan wicker

From the 1940’s this wicker seat is sturdy with clean lines. Paired with a side table made in Mahogany with a rosewood polish from Calcutta provides a mix of influences from both the British and the Portuguese.

dark wood mahagony antique console table

This dark wood, Mahogany console table was built in the 1900’s. Found in Pondicherry this exquisite table with carved sides is a classic reminder of the French Colonial style.


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