Home Health Beauty Top 10 methods for Natural Skin Glow

Everybody wants healthy and glowing skin. Well its not a very tough task you can have such type of skin by using some simple steps like-

1. Drink a lot of water at least eight glasses in a whole day.
2. Especially 3-4 glasses of warm water will clean your stomach and will reflect in healthy skin. Taking warm lime juice with a table spoon of honey is also a good remedy.
3. Add healthy and good food in your diet.
4. To open blocked pores use natural skin cleansers and toner like milk rather then using chemical products.
5. Give your skin proper nourishment by moisturizing your skin. Avoid smoking and drinking.
6. Use sunscreens to protect your skin from over contact of sun.When you are going out carry a cap or umbrella to avoid direct contact with sun.
7. Orange peel or any citrus fruit peel powdered and mixed with rose water is a good for exfoliating dead cells and also a mild bleach to the skin.
8. Cut a potato and rub gently on your face it will reduce dark spots. If you have dry skin mix some rose water in it. If your skin is oily then adds some drops of lemon juice in it.
9. Make a mixture of tomato and apply it on your face as a face pack. It is very effective to reduce dark spots.
10. If you have few ripen fruits like papaya, banana, apple or grapes, you can extract juice from them to apply a mask after a face wash for a glowing skin.

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