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To begin with cholesterol is not that a devil as it is made of, in human body cholesterol forms naturally in liver. Cholesterol is a fatty substance, which forms an important part of the coating of cells in the body. In the food cholesterol comes from animal origin—meat, eggs, dairy products and fish. LDL is the main cholesterol carrier in the blood. LDL is referred to as the bad cholesterol as an increased level of LDL cholesterol is related to an increased risk of heart disease. By lowering cholesterol we mean ways to reduce LDL and increase HDL.

  1. Have oats for breakfast. Oats have soluble fibre called beta glucan and they help in lowering LDL cholesterol.
  2. Before you hit the sack have a tall glass of water with two heaped tea spoons of psyllium husk. This will help lower cholesterol.
  3. Have a crushed clove of garlic on an empty stomach. Garlic is loaded with antioxidants and it helps lower LDL cholesterol. If you can’t bear the stench of garlic, have a capsule of it instead.
  4. All fruits help lower cholesterol, but apples are particularly good at this.
  5. Snack on almonds to lower cholesterol.
  6. Vitamin B3 or Niacin is good for raising HDL levels. Niacin is found in chicken breasts, raw carrots, sprouted moong, green peas, cooked cauliflower, tomatoes and broccoli. Incidentally, these are also sources of fibre and improve your digestive health.
  7. Black pepper if taken regularly is an effective herbal remedy for lowering cholesterol.
  8. Have one tablespoon of honey regularly for lowering cholesterol.
  9. Boil two tablespoons of dry coriander seeds in a glass of water. Filter and drink the liquid twice daily. It is a good diuretic and helps stimulate the kidneys.
  10. Jamun juice lowers cholesterol, but it’s a seasonal fruit. Now, with Guardian Jamun Juice you can lower cholesterol through out the year without the hard work.

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