indian interiors

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When we think about Indian Interiors - charpoys, heavily carved wooden works, colourful indian fabric cushions, brass statues, handicrafts etc etc come into mind....
Moroso Charpoys by Doshi Levien
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Doshi Levien - By Nipa and Jonathan Doshi The London based design office led by the husband and wife team was set up in 2000...
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Innovative Decorating Idea: Eline Pellinkhof’s Fun Cross-Stitch Wall Embroidery. Image Credits :
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Beautiful Flower Pot Accessories for Gardens and Balconies from MSB - My Sunny Balcony, Bangalore. Please visit their website and

White Apartment Interiors with Colourful Furniture.

This fresh young apartment styling by Sergey Baskakov proves that great and striking design can be implemented even on a...