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Kalamkari Blouse Designs – Pen Kalamkari & Block Print Kalamkari

Kalamkari – This is a favourite word for traditional indian fashion freaks now-a-days. This Kalamkari Fabric is seen from galli boutiques to famous designers collection. Famous designers like Neeta Lulla, Gaurang Shah are using Kalamkari Designs in their collections.

First, before digging further into topic, let us know something about this Kalamkari Indian Fabric.

What is Kalamkari?

Kalamkari or qalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, produced in parts of India. The word is derived from the Persian words ghalam (pen) and kari (craftmanship), meaning drawing with a pen (ghalamkar). Ghalamkari later after usage became Kalamkari.

There are two distinctive styles of kalamkari art in India – the Srikalahasti style and the Machilipatnam style. Srikalahasti style is mostly pen kalamkari whereas Machilipatnam style is mainly block printed. Only Natural syes are used for this fabric and it involves seventeen steps. Kalamkari mostly flowered around temples and their patronage and so had an almost religious identity – scrolls, temple hangings, chariot banners and the like, depicted deities and scenes taken from the Hindu epics – Ramayana,Mahabarata, Puranas and the mythological classics.

Kalamkari Designs are mostly used as Kalamkari Sarees, Kalamkari Blouse Designs, Kalamkari Dress material, Kalamkari Paintings for Home Decor.


Artist drawing a Pen Kalamkari Art. Pic Credit: Wikipedia

block printing kalamkari

Block Printing Kalamkari Pic Credit: nilaya.asianpaints.com

Showcasing few best Kalamkari Blouse Designs taken from various sources.

patch work kalamkari blouse

backopen kalamkari blouse potneck kalamkari blouse short sleeves kalamkari blouse kalamkari shirt blouse back open kalamkari blouse simple kalamkari blouse long blouse with kalamkari work pot neck kalamkari blouse netted kalamkari blouse collar neck kalamkari blouse sleeveless back buttons kalamkari blouse beautiful kalamkari blouse high neck sleeveless kalamkari blouse transparent kalamkari blouse

Pic Credits: Pinterest, Google Images, HouseofBlouse, Wikipedia

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