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Healthy Eating – Recommended Daily Allowances During Pregnancy

An intake of recommended amount of vitamins and minerals during pregnancy is vital to the health of you and your baby. The following is your recommended daily allowance during pregnancy. If you already eat a healthy balanced diet, chances are you are already receiving the right amount of vitamins and minerals anyway. However, if you are unsure, check labels to make sure you are receiving what you need for you and your baby.



Recommended Daily Amounts of Vitamins and Minerals During Pregnancy:
Calcium – 1,200mg
Phosphorus – 1,200mg
Magnesium – 320mg
Iron – 30mg
Zinc – 15mg
Vitamin A – 800mcg
Vitamin D – 10mcg
Vitamin E – 10mcg
Vitamin C – 70mg
Vitamin B
Thiamine – 1.5 mg
Riboflavin – 1.6mg
Niacin – 17mg
Pyndoxine – 2.2mg
Folic Acid – 400mcg
Cyanocobalamin – 2.2mcg
Good sources of zinc are; lamb, turkey, sardines, hard cheeses, wholegerm cereals, spinach, peas, watercress and chickpeas. Dried fruits are a good source of zinc, for example figs and apricots. Lentils, wholegrain cereals and green vegetables also contain a good level of zinc.
Good sources of calcium are milk (this includes skimmed and semi-skimmed milk), cheese (please see foods to avoid during pregnancy section), yoghurt, salmon, sardines, bread and almond nuts.
Almond and cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, peas, pulses, green, leafy vegetables, sweetcorn, parsnips, milk, yoghurt, dried figs, wholemeal and granary bread, courgettes, raisins, bananas, dried figs, apricots and wholewheat pasta.
The main sources of iron are meat, fish, wholegrain bread, milk, watercress, broccoli, plain chocolate, prunes, raisins, liquorice, spinach, savoy, pulses and seeds.
Milk, green leafy, vegetables, cheese (please see foods to avoid during pregnancy section), sardines, raisins, dried figs, dried apricots, yoghurt and tofu are good sources of phosphorus.

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