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Proper skin care should be as important as eating healthy and exercise.  Taking care of your skin is crucial in the anti-aging process and should be a part of your daily skin care regime!

Exfoliating might seem unnecessary, but it is an important step because it removes the top layer of dead skin cells and makes a huge difference in how the complexion appears with or without makeup.

The exfoliation process does not need to be harsh.  Scrubs with smaller grains are all you need once or twice a week to make your skin have a healthy glow.  Large grains are usually found in body scrubs and can damage facial skin so make sure that you do not use a “body” exfoliate on your face!
Because we are an equal opportunity blog, men should exfoliate too!  This process is typically done after every shave and helps to keep the skin more youthful-looking.  You can also exfoliate prior to shaving, but make sure to use a very mild, gentle exfoliant.
You should also exfoliate your neck weekly.  In fact, the neck skin is not as fragile as the face, but it can be a sensitive area so use a gentle exfoliant.  Exfoliating the neck area will help to stimulate cell rejuvenation and keep the skin healthy.  Also, getting rid of dead cells that block the effectiveness of moisturizer and other products applied to the face and neck area will be a huge benefit in your fight against anti-aging.
As we age, skin needs the opportunity to rejuvenate itself and exfoliation provides critical skin cell renewal.  There are two types of exfoliation…”mechanical” method, which involves using a slightly more abrasive scrub and a “chemical” method, which means using a skin care product that includes a chemical exfoliant like alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxyl acid to remove the dead skin cells.
The Skin Care Resource Center says to “think of a chemical exfoliation like stripping off old paint from a piece of furniture!”  The higher the percentage of chemical ingredient, the deeper and more powerful the exfoliation will be, so do your research and get a grip on your individual exfoliation needs prior.
Sensitive skin will have a definite reaction to exfoliation whether done DIY (at home) or by a skin care professional in a salon or spa.  Usually, an oily skin type will benefit from a daily exfoliation while a more normal to sensitive skin will only need this process once or twice a week.
As always, you should protect your eyes from exfoliants and you MUST wear sunblock daily and always after using an exfoliant.
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