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What are Bath Salts?

The term bath salts refers to a range of water-soluble, usually inorganic solid products designed to be added to a bath. They are said to improve cleaning, improve the experience of bathing.

Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) along with some essential oils can also be used as bath salt.

Taking a bath is always very refreshing. Adding bath salts would only help to make it a more refreshing experience and that too without having to put in a little effort! Wondering how can bath salts be used effectively? Read on to know every basic fact related to bath salts!

Bath salts come in many different colors, sizes, and textures. Colors are thought to have an effect on mood, so be sure to use bath salts in colors that match your mood – or what you’d like your mood to be. For instance, you can use blue bath salts if you feel anxious (blue is very soothing), and can use red, orange, or yellow bath salts if you feel sluggish (warm colors are energizing). The color of the bath salt will change the color of the water in your tub, and they look beautiful in jars and vases, too. Size and texture varies between different bath salts as well; when you use large-grain bath salts, you’ll notice they not only look beautiful in the bath, but take a bit longer to dissolve. You can use smaller-grain bath salts as scrubs for exfoliation.

Bath salts also come in a variety of scents and fragrances, and are often infused with herbs and essential oils. You can use bath salts that are scented, or you can use plain, unscented bath salts.

How to Use Bath Salts?

Things You’ll Need

  1. Drawstring cheesecloth bag or cheesecloth and string
  2. Bath salts
How to use?
  • Fill a drawstring cheesecloth bag with two cups of bath salts.
  • Note: If you don’t have cheesecloth handy to make a makeshift salt bag, use any porous or loosely woven cotton material you have on hand
  • Fill the bathtub full of water. What temperature water you use, and how much water, is of course up to your personal preference.
  • Drop the bag of bath salts into the bath water and swirl it around to help dissolve and distribute the salts.
  • Rinse the bag out with fresh water once the bath is over

Uses of Bath Salts:

Relaxing and sedative bath: Soak in warm water and 2 cups of Epsom salt.

Foot soak: Soothe aches, remove odors and soften rough skin with a foot soak. Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to a large pan of warm water. Soak feet for as long as it feels right. Rinse and dry.

Soak sprains and bruises: Epsom salt will reduce the swelling of sprains and bruises. Add 2 cups epsom salt to a warm bath, and soak.

Splinter remover: Soak in epsom salt, it will draw out the splinter.

Face cleaner: To clean your face at night, mix a half-teaspoon of epsom salt with your regular cleansing cream. Just massage into skin and rinse with cold water.

Homemade skin mask: Apply the mask to damp skin. For normal to oily skin, mix 1 tablespoon of cognac, 1 egg, 1/4 cup of non-fat dry milk, the juice of 1 lemon, and a half-teaspoon of epsom salt. For normal to dry skin, mix 1/4 cup of grated carrot, 1 1/2 teaspoons of mayonnaise and a half-teaspoon of epsom salt. This simple honey face mask works wonders as well.

Skin exfoliator: Massage handfuls of epsom salt over your wet skin, starting with your feet and continuing up towards the face. Have a bath to rinse

Remove excess oil from hair: Epsom salt soaks up excess oil from hair. Add 9 tablespoons of epsom salt to 1/2 cup of oily hair shampoo. Apply one tablespoon of the liquid to your hair when it is dry; rinse with cold water. Pour lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar through the hair, leave on for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse.

Remove hairspray: Combine 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of lemon juice, and 1 cup epsom salt. Combine, cover and let set for 24 hours. The next day, pour the mixture into your dry hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then shampoo as normal.

Hair volumizer: Combine equal parts of deep conditioner and epsom salt. Warm in a pan. Work the warm mixture through your hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse.

Source: care2.com

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