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Many people do not mind when dandruff and itchy just scratched. However, not paying attention to dandruff can cause flaking accumulate in creating more itchy scalp, thereby increasing craving for scratching which may damage, over time, the scalp.

Eating a diet of fruit and vegetables. The person with dandruff should consume a diet with emphasis on raw foods, especially fruits and vegetables

Avoid tea, coffee, refined foods, canned and processed The person with dandruff should avoid eating meat, sugar, white flour, tea or coffee, condiments, refined and processed foods are avoided everyone.

Massaging the scalp daily using for that purpose to the fingertips. This should be done just before or after brushing the hair which will activate the circulation improving the condition of dandruff.

Keep hair and scalp clean In order to avoid accumulation of dead cells

Brush daily to improve circulation the most effective way of brushing your hair is to bend forward at the waist with his head toward the ground and then brushing the nape of the neck to the head.
Home Remedies to treat Dandruff:

  1. Squeeze the juice of one lemon cool which will be applied after shampooing (when you are rinsing your hair) that will make the hair has an intense shine shine viscosity but also removes and prevents dandruff.
  2. Boil in water the roots of beetroot (especially the most recommended to combat dandruff is white), and this water should be massaged on the scalp with the fingertips every night.
  3. Dilute cider vinegar with an equal amount of water and apply this mixture which must be added to the rinse water.
  4. Prepare a rinse with three tablespoons dried thyme in a cup of water which must boil for 10 minutes. Pour the mixture over the hair clean and free rinsing. Apply this preparation every time you wash your hair.
  5. Expose the scalp to the sun, a maximum of 30 minutes, early in the morning or after 4 pm. The Sun has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin that is shed.
  6. Prepare a treatment with a tablespoon of almond oil which should be warm. Separate the hair and apply directly on the scalp with a cotton ball. Putting a plastic cap and leave on for 30 minutes. After that time, you wash your hair. Importantly, this treatment should only be applied once a week to loosen the scales and improve scalp. Doing more times for the risk that harms the condition rather than helping.
  7. Massage, covering the entire head with small circular movements, scalp oil with two tablespoons of pure roasted sesame previously temperate. Then wash the hair with a mild shampoo and rinsed to remove the preparation. Perform this action at least three times a week.
  8. Make a celery tonic dandruff boiling a liter of water once reached the boiling point, added a few stems and leaves celery. It is boiling for five minutes, allowed to settle and applied to the scalp

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