Kids Recipes

Kids Recipes
dry fruit chikki healthy nutritious snack
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Dry Fruit Chikki is a healthy and nutritious snack. It is made of all dry fruits and nuts. Ingredients
spinach chapathi-palak paratha
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Spinach or Palak Paratha is a healthy dish. Spinach is stuffed into the wheat balls and done as chapathis. Spinach or Palak Paratha can...
oats cheese straws-brie cheese recipes
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Cheese Straws are made with oats flour and maida. If you are health conscious you can substitute maida with whole wheat flour. As we...
Masala Peanuts-peanut masala
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Masala Peanuts is an easy dry snack. Roasted peanuts are coated with masala and deep fried in oil. Masala Peanuts are easily available as...
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Easy and Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe - This recipe can be easily prepared at home. It will have creamy texture as more milk...
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Fresh Strawberry Recipes - Strawberry Sparkles are made with fresh strawberries. Kids who dont like strawberries will love this and eat them without...
Tropical Smoothie - Orange Pineapple Smoothie Recipe
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Tropical Smoothie - Orange Pineapple Smoothie Recipe. The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, also...
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Watermelon Recipes are easy to make and great in taste. Watermelon Sorbet is one such easy recipe and kids will enjoy this in summer...
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Ripe Banana Recipe - Snowman on a Stick. Kids will enjoy this recipe and kids who dont like to eat bananas will eat...
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Fresh Blue berries Recipe - Blueberry Fool - No fooling -- this oddly named old-fashioned dessert of whipped cream and fresh blue berries very...