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Rivaayat Collection from Meera Rohit, Please visit Rivaayat facebook page for more details.
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HandWoven Organic Cotton Sarees Collection from Paduka. Please visit paduka facebook page for price and more details.
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Beautiful and Unique Blouse Designs
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Exclusive Half Saree Collection from Bhargavi Kunam. Please visit her facebook page for more details.
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  Designer Sarees from Sakhi Fashions. Please visit website for more designs and price enquiries.
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  Traditionally Pochampally Sarees on the ramp
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Bridal Collection from Sri Vijayalakshmi Silks
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Kanjivaram Saree Collection from Sri Palam Silks. For more details please visit website
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Ethnic Cotton Sarees of Pop Singer Smitha in her latest album ISHANA. They are simply superb.
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Yellow Colour Frills Designer Saree with HoneyBee weave in pallu.