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Usually Mehendi is not only good for hands its also good for hair, used as body tattooing & hair color. Mehendi is called as heat removing agent, by adding some more ingredients to Mehendi it has become Henna. Here Henna is used for Hair treatment; it works as conditioner, for roots tightening, hair coloring and covering white hair. Henna pack we will get in stores also, but we can do this at home all we need is

Natural Mehndi powder – 250 grms
Goose Berry( Amla powder) – 2 spoons
Bringaraj Powder – 2 spoons (available in all ayurvedic shops)
Hibiscus leaves powder – 2 spoons (dried leaves powder of Hibiscus plant)

Take some tea/coffee decoction in copper bowl, mix all the above powders in that and rest it for 12 hours then mix some lemon juice, curd, egg white (as you need) and apply to head. If you want to use it as conditioner then keep it for 2 hour, else for color means 4-6 hours and then take bath with out shampoo and next day you can do with shampoo again.

Useful Tip: You can use 2-3 tbsp beetroot juice for dark red coloured hair.

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