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Ancient Indian Kitchen Utensils

These pictures are taken at the City Palace in Udaipur. The snaps depict an Indian kitchen in the old days. Infact, even today, most households (especially rural) rely on these basic articles.

Grinders made of stone. Used to grind (and/or) mix grains and spices.

Hanging on the wall is the soop – a flat bamboo basket used to sort grains. The grains toss up in the air and fall back while the husk gets blown away.

Chakki – a typical grinder made of coarse stone.

Chulha – a stove made out of clay/stone. Utensils are made of metal or clay.          Wood is used as fuel.

Ghadaa or Matkaa – a clay pot meant for storage (usually water).

Suraahi – a clay pot with a narrow neck…helps keep the water cool.

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